About Us

Who we are?


Tinkerers' Lab aims to set up a culture where students are not afraid to get their hands dirty, where students gain self-dependency, self-sufficiency and efficiency in experimentation, a culture where they can approach problems theoretically as well as practically and use the knowledge and experience gained in the process, to come up with something exceptional that could change the course of our future.


Tinkerers' Lab gives the students a vent to channel all their creativity, to construct mechanisms, to take systems apart, rebuild them and in the process apply their brains and come up with design driven and technology based innovations. This in effect will provide the students with more hands on experience thereby increasing their employability and also allow them to come up with innovative ideas. It’s an open to all, completely managed by students and will act as a one-stop-solution for all the technical works of students; be it DIY’s hacks, hobby projects, course projects and even repair works.


The lab is equipped with latest workstations of electrical and mechanical tools with some noteworthy inclusion like laser cutting machines, 3D printer, fabrication facilities, etc. It will provide the freedom and facility to experiment, exercise imaginations, build novel systems and convert concepts and creative ideas to actual engineering products.

Simple & Humble Beginning

IIT Gandhinagar, a relatively new institute with the aim to foster creativity among young engineers, researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs, in its endeavor to embed learning-by-doing in the academic curriculum established Tinkerers' Lab at its newly built campus in January 2018 with the support from IIT Bombay Alumni of 1975 batch. The Tinkerers' Lab, popular as TL among students, is a technical facility with essential mechanical, electrical, and electronics tools and equipment to build and program things. The TL at IITGN is completely a students' initiative that requires our students to execute day-to-day operational and maintenance tasks. Despite various challenges, our students have been able to keep TL open to all students on a 24/7 basis. We at IIT Gandhinagar are really excited to see the phenomenal success of TL in encouraging students to start tinkering and explore technology as their hobby to build and innovate.