Time a factor that defines my present,

It is a wretched foe I forever resent.

Change brought by this unavoidable fact,

Why at the time did I hesitate to react?

A wish if granted this beast I would control,

Give me another chance letting me be bold!

This mistake if I were ever given a chance to alter,

I promise this second time I would not falter

But oh time you impious, depraved sole

Never will you give a chance to undo and fill this gaping hole.

Going back to that instant in time,

Time holding me back from making you mine.

Love blossomed at the time that was jaded,

It was this devil “since whom” this love has forever faded.

Success and perfection my only driving force,

A thing of desire time changes to only remorse.

Time makes me dreary of things for I once so deeply longed,

Things I achieved only to realise that with me they never belonged.

This is the mirage that time conjures to deceive,

Your dreams never end in how you did them perceive.

Time has been a journey that is inevitable to take,

Time is the only real journey a life will ever make.

This seraph now I feel has been so falsely maligned,

I pray for forgiveness for this form that was so skilfully designed.

It has been a friend in so many a torrid tide,

It has been a companion and a reminder that I had tried.

Time has been the only healer for a wound so deep,

Time the only saviour when surrounded by walls of sorrow so steep.

Time has given hope when friends there were none,

The only reason to stay when away from the world I did want to run.

Oh friend, give me strength to face this storm and stay alive,

Help me face my daemons and reminisce what it is to survive.

I know you hold the key that will bring me the joy you have once denied,

You will bring me a companion  who in this journey will match my every stride.

I wait for you to bring me a new dream to fulfil,

Till then you oh time remain so tiresomely still.

With you I make this oath to find a new reason to strive,

It is only you time who can keep me in this state so dead and alive!

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