Ignite aims to provide the students with a world class technical experience, to inspire and inculcate critical thinking among them by enhancing their problem solving skills, and promote indigenous self-made technology. The motivation behind Ignite is to provide the members of IIT Gandhinagar an exposure to cutting-edge technology and inspirit the participants with the will and wish to replicate and reinvent radical innovation in the college itself, at the maximum possible levels. Ignite creates a platform for the members to uplift their technical quotients by promoting more hands-on skills and encourages indigenous self-made technology.


The Inter IIT Tech Meet is a consequence of students of various IITs coming together envisioning a progressive India. We realise that there are countless problems which our country faces due to its population, geographic expanse, climate, infrastructure etc. A lot of efforts are being put by various educational institutes for coming up with technology solutions which could address these issues. Numerous government policies and initiatives have created opportunities for promoting and encouraging the development of technology to address the issues. We feel that that IITs being premier education and research institutes must spearhead these initiatives. Enhanced collaboration between IITs would foster development of technology solutions and also encourage more and more graduating students to pursue this into full time ventures wherein they take this technology from research labs to end users, impacting a million lives.
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