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Tinkering is one of the natural forms of experimentation that we manifest in our everyday life as a way to make or improve things. Tinkerers' Lab is a platform for students to experience innovation and prepare themselves for the future through self-learning. Research in the science of learning supports the model of encouraging tinkering practices at educational institutes and universities.

Prof. Vineet Vashista
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Tinkerers’ lab is a place to discover the relation between things, forms, shapes, materials and many more. You may find a hidden dimension while doing something as simple as drilling a hole into a piece of wood and come up with a brilliant product. Students who are innovative and creative often may not be good at explaining or representing. They may have a very creative spirit—we need to capture that and Tinkerers lab is a place to satisfy their needs.

Franklin Sir
Senior Design Associate

I do not have to think twice before entering a lab," said one of the students to me. I reflect back on these words and realize that Tinkerers' Lab has made it possible to be fearless to explore and learn. The challenge lies in not keeping this wish bounded, and bringing out more from both the lab and the students.

Rushali Saxena
Technical Secretary

What's Happening Around

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    3 February, 2019

    Technical Council strives hard to promote the technical activities in college and improve upon its technical quotient. We are pleased to announce that the Technical Council Website is live! Do visit it for knowing more about the various activities and information related to it. Here is the link to the website. We appreciate the efforts and hard work of Kishen Gowda and Nidhin Harilal and thank them for developing it.

  • Teaser Blog Released! | Torque - The Technical Magazine

    1 February, 2019

    After the unveiling of its logo a few days back, the first Technical Magazine of college, Torque, has created a buzz among the tech enthusiasts! To add a cherry on top, we are releasing the Teaser Blog for the magazine! Tread along this link to get to know more. The budding blogger behind this is Bhavya Gupta, a Freshmen, who is into creative writing and an enthusiastic reader. Kudos to him! Follow us on medium.com to get regular updates. Also, visit the Facebook page to know more! More surprise awaits you all as the magazine release date approaches near. Get ready and gear up to witness a world filled with tech-extravaganza!

  • Unveiling the Logo|Torque- Tech Magazine

    24 January, 2019

    To add to the the tech-extravaganza ,and to the tech-fever, we are launching the first Technical Magazine of the institute,Torque. The first look is up at PC! Come up and witness more!