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IIT Gandhinagar | 13 March - 4 April

Rise from Within


IGNITE 7.0 - Technologies for the Future

Ignite aims to provide the students with a world class technical experience, to inspire and inculcate critical thinking among them by enhancing their problem solving skills, and promote indigenous self-made technology. The motivation behind Ignite is to provide the members of IIT Gandhinagar an exposure to cutting-edge technology and inspirit the participants with the will and wish to replicate and reinvent radical innovation in the college itself, at the maximum possible levels. Ignite creates a platform for the members to uplift their technical quotients by promoting more hands-on skills and encourages indigenous self-made technology.


The Ignite logo is inspired by the mystical bird Phoenix which symbolizes the awakening from flames, with renewal and resurrection. This is with the belief that the development of technical temperament in every Indian will renew our society and resurrect the Indian economy and a new India will awaken on the strength of highly skilled technical manpower. Ignite provides students,teaching and non-teaching staff of IIT Gandhinagar, a platform to showcase and share their technical quotient and knowledge through the channels of various events,exhibitions, talks etc. Over the past 4 years, Ignite has become a “Unique Masterpiece of Technical Extravaganza” with unseen and unprecedented events and competitions.


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AIChE Ignite

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AIChE IIT-GN - Student Chapter

The AIChE IITGn Student Chapter aims to facilitate the growth and development of chemical engineering students to enable them to have a solid foundation to fulfill their careers in the chemical engineering industry. The student chapter does this through the dissemination of knowledge and experiences of its Alumni to the students, stimulating collaborative efforts between industry and academia and promoting excellence in chemical engineering through projects and competitions.

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Ever imagined a situation where you would have to give an image as an input to your computer instead of a text? Doesn't this situation come up multiple times in our daily life? This comes under image processing. OpenCV is a library for image processing, using which we can develop real-time computer vision applications. OpenCV is all that we need for editing images, detecting color, and joining images using python.

Ignite in collaboration with Mean Mechanics, the Robotics club of IIT Gandhinagar is here to teach you all that you need to know to get started with this OpenCV.

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IIT-Gandhinagar Community

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All Terrain Vehicle

The ATV is the event for making quality suspension systems for automobiles, Rovers, Gliders etc. Develope a sense of craftmanship and quality manufacturing in India, we introduce ATV.

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This quiz is designed to give you all a feel of the competitive quizzing environment, which is electrifying and absolutely mind-blowing

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It is an hands on event where students need to select the material and come with with desired solution out of those materials. The event will be organised at Tinkerers’ Lab. Theme - Hostel Room Automation

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Project Exhibition

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Ignite 7.0 offers you an opportunity to get a flavor of technical projects accomplished and currently going on by IIT Gandhinagar community. In this project expo, projects from student community, technical council, Masters Students and PhD scholars will be exhibited in online mode.



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