sanguine 1

Sanguine Dream

They had a dream before, A crimson one… They fantasised gore And a scarlet dawn. They pined for headless corpus And floors painted red Not with wine or love potions But with the human bloodshed Those insects wormed in eluding our sight And strived to make us shudder. Those scavengers barged in that rouge night …


The Journey

On a long journey I walked tired In growing darkness I took a halt I sat somewhere unsure If I am yet alive or gone The days were long Nights were passing alone This was not the first time when I asked myself Tell me tell me where exactly do I belong Colours were getting …


Worth of Truth

In the midst of the scary land, The unhappy sky and the agonizing sea, Where you come as light, Like the bright silver lining of a cloud. The star that guides the way To show the power of energy To the common man To grow to be brave Enough to travel alone Even during the …


Even for me, the sky is blue!

No matter what they whisper… That I love solitude, is not true With every blow I may not whimper But even for me, the sky is blue With the world I have tried to blend And succumbed to protect their grin But I get only solitude as a friend As they walk away someday, to …


Immortal Souls!

A year has elapsed; a dozen months have passed by. Days disappeared and hours have expired into minutes. Only to see seconds vanish and give time, -a certain sense of nothingness! Once people die, do they matter anymore? I wonder – Yet, They linger in our hearts like an evening song! – did they matter …


इक तलक वो आएंगे

एक चिड़िया अपने बच्चों को, ममता-से सहला रही थी छोटे छोटे तिनकों को चुन वो, अपना नीड़ बना रही थी अगले दिन जब गुजरा वहां से चिड़िया बच्चों को दाना खिला रही थी बेखबर- बेरहम दुनिया से अपनी ही दुनिया बना रही थी कुछ दिन बाद वही चिड़िया, बच्चों को उड़ना सीखा रही थी माँ- …



कैसे ढूँढू अक्स इस अंधी भीड़ में किन आँखो में तोलु किस किसकी आँखो से तराशु गुमा हुआ मेरा अक्स मैं जबसे है जाना बिगड़ी तस्वीरों को इंसान की नज़र से डरा मैं खुद का हूँ खोया जब कभी पाया तन्हाई में ये अक्स मैं किस किस राह भेजा गया अक्स मेरा तोड़ा समेटा फिर …



When my mind wants to stretch as high as the sky and  my soul would move in as deep as an ocean, When my voice needs to reverberate earth’s every nook and corner; and my body longs for a space to breathe my life out, Oh Mankind! Why did you imprison me? into that clusters …


Ere I met you

I thought I was complete, and I was To which my heart did always bleat, But you filled the nada with your tweet And made my empty suit replete.   I thought my emotions were bled white, and they were I had annealed my heart with every skite Your charm did awake my inner twight …

Thalassa Sunset

Remember Yourself

Remember yourself Unlearn the learned And return to youth– To when my thin fingers Painted the seashore With words of love. Remember, how we Watched the letters of  Our names return to the sea, Paying fair due  For the plunder of pearls That kiss your neck.