AB, My Hero!

Abraham Benjamin de Villiers popularly known as AB de Villiers is a South African Legend, an Indian Heart-Throb, Mr Consistent, and what not. Right from childhood, he was brilliant in academics, particularly well in Science. And, in-fact, received the prestigious national medal from The Great Nelson Mandela for a Science Project. Awesome, isn’t it? His …


A Tuesday at IITGN

What I find when I check my mail at 6 in the evening… “DCS Exam shifted from November 21 to November 25.” OMG! This was actually least expected after no response from the scheduling committee for 5 long days. I immediately ran to Jay’s room shouting at his door, “Jay…. Darwaajaa khol.. Kyaa chhupke baitha …


IITGN: A Culture Shock

IITGN: A Culture Shock (View) After coming to IIT Gandhinagar in July 2015, it was very obvious how things are running in a different way here. Since we have a B.Tech background, we have previously been through different systems. Hence, we can write about the differences we experienced relating to following points: 1. A functional …


Life at IITGN

Can’t quite imagine it? Here are some examples of what a typical day can be like as an IITGN student. Of course the details are different for different subjects, and will vary depending on what you like to do in your spare time. VAISHALI GRAD STUDENT | MECHANICAL Having started pursuing Masters in Mechanical Engg …


The Walk@ IITGn

The Walk….. In beauty, may I walk. All day long, may I walk. Through the returning seasons, may I walk. Beautifully I will possess again. Beautifully birds… Beautifully joyful birds… On the trail marked with pollen, may I walk. With grasshoppers about my feet, may I walk. With dew about my feet, may I walk. …


Why You Should Fall in Love?

Oh, that look! Not that look. Please don’t give me that look. I know you will say that love is a myth, it is just an act of hormones doing rounds here and there. All a creation of the mind. I know, I know. I am an engineer too. I have studied math too, but …


Ere I met you

I thought I was complete, and I was To which my heart did always bleat, But you filled the nada with your tweet And made my empty suit replete.   I thought my emotions were bled white, and they were I had annealed my heart with every skite Your charm did awake my inner twight …


What I wish I knew in my final year

The final year in an undergrad’s life is marked by a great zeal of enthusiasm and a myriad of emotions as one tends to make a transition between the safe hands of a nurturing guardian-institute to the reality of a challenging, yet beautiful, world. Some people know what they want to do with their lives, …

Thalassa Sunset

Remember Yourself

Remember yourself Unlearn the learned And return to youth– To when my thin fingers Painted the seashore With words of love. Remember, how we Watched the letters of  Our names return to the sea, Paying fair due  For the plunder of pearls That kiss your neck.



Apne apne gharon se dur ek ghar basta hai , Visat se right Sapno aur umeedon ka ek jahan basta hai, Visat se right Jab pehli baar aaye the , auto wale se kaha tha visat se right Aaj vapas ja rhe hain , tab bhi kehna hai Visat se right First year me jate …