Have Faith in the Institute

When the official dates of Udaan’16 arrived, along with the request form for people who would like to give speeches, I was in double thoughts whether to take this opportunity or not. One side of mine felt that I had been at the forefront many times so why not take a back seat and enjoy …


What I wish I knew in my final year

The final year in an undergrad’s life is marked by a great zeal of enthusiasm and a myriad of emotions as one tends to make a transition between the safe hands of a nurturing guardian-institute to the reality of a challenging, yet beautiful, world. Some people know what they want to do with their lives, …


Remember Us

Remember us, not for what we did successfully or what we achieved, but for what we stood for and stand for. Remember us, not for being guinea pigs, but for being open and eager towards developing a new world-class curriculum. Sure, we had problems! Don’t like a course? We know that feeling. The Foundation Programme …

Thalassa Sunset

Remember Yourself

Remember yourself Unlearn the learned And return to youth– To when my thin fingers Painted the seashore With words of love. Remember, how we Watched the letters of  Our names return to the sea, Paying fair due  For the plunder of pearls That kiss your neck.


The Batch of Doers

18th July 2011, the day when 115 teenagers, full of enthusiasm, confidence and energy stepped into IIT Gandhinagar with an ambition to become world class engineers. I must say most of them didn’t had an idea what Engineering really meant. But IIT Gandhinagar had some special plans for us. Initially, we didn’t realize that we …



  Pankh lag gae hai hume chalo bhar le ek udaan Ab tak sath rahe the yaaro, ab bhi na chode hath Pankh lag gae hai hume chalo bhar le ek udaan   Jinhe pa kar garv hua tha hume kabhi Garv ka mauka de unhe hum aaj Pankh lag gae hai hume chalo bhar …


The Last Everything

April fool’s day just went by. Having a reputation of being a prankster, this was a relatively silent April fools day for me. It passed and vanished into thin air. The next day, while surfing on the web, I read a friend’s status saying ” last month @ IITGN “. And then it struck me, …



From the dark, long tunnel, This something creeps out, Looking for a light, And finds all shadows, Yes! Shadows they are, A multitude of colors, All delusive!   How does one find the truth in solitude? While always surrounded by souls, Or these shadows that remain, Of the fear of belongingness, And a love of …


The Trip That Mattered

Sitting in a bus from JoshiMath to Rishikesh , with headphones wired in , I got away from the window and looked at the people sitting around me. And it struck me! This is not going to come again. This time will pass. Soft music playing in my ears and I looked at my batchmates …


The Angry Red

Walking down the road one day, I heard a moody spotlight….oh ‘STOPlight’ say ‘Hey!’ It said “I am red; you have to stop and see, For you I have remained the angry red, and not a mellow yellow, or a happy green genie!” Then it took my hold, And had its sad story told. I …