A beautiful evening


It was a beautiful summer evening

The sun was about to set

We were sitting there at the seashore

It was after months, that we had met

A cool breeze was blowing

And the sun was losing its shine

Her head lay gently on my shoulder

Her fingers intertwined in mine

The waves and birds played music

Oh! The scene was so serene!

It didn’t seem great to me though

Her beauty outclassed the scene

I thought she had fallen asleep

As she used to, once in a while

So I laid a kiss on her forehead

And her lips curled into a smile

I could sense her struggle hard

As she tried to conceal her delight

Caught a mere glimpse of her blushing cheeks

Before her hand swiftly hid them from my sight

The perfect moment! I said to myself

Right amidst all the cheer

Picked my words and readied myself to whisper

I love you so much, my dear!

Just about to speak, I heard an alarm clock shriek

Had something bad in my fate

A dream it was, I could hear a scream

“Wake up dude, you’re late!”

Another dream… She’s mine no more…

Realised it all, when I was awoken

Cursed the alarm for waking me up

At least those three words I could have spoken!

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