Remember Us


Remember us, not for what we did successfully or what we achieved, but for what we stood for and stand for.

Remember us, not for being guinea pigs, but for being open and eager towards developing a new world-class curriculum. Sure, we had problems! Don’t like a course? We know that feeling. The Foundation Programme is too long and too stressed! We know that feeling too. Too many HSS courses! We know even that. It is because of what we have said over the years, that these things have improved for our juniors. Things were worse with us. But, don’t remember us for being wronged. Remember us for giving back suggestions and trying to make sure that things improve. Remember us for trusting our institute and helping in every manner possible to create a niche. Don’t sympathize with us, but remember us for our stand, which was not to rebel, but to help re-shape.

Remember us, not for being the last batch to have not seen the Palej campus, but for working towards making sure that things run smoothly in Palej despite knowing that we wont be there. We did not curse our institute or our fate for keeping us in Chandkheda. Don’t sympathize with us, but remember us for embracing our destiny and making Visat se right an immortal part of IITGN.

Remember us, not because we have made it to the best universities or the top companies, also not for the scolding you received from us, but for all the times you have seen our vulnerabilities and been our companion. Remember us, not only for the times when we laughed or won, but also when we lost and cried together. Whether it be on a football field or Udaan or career issues, we have withered the storms together as friends, as a team. Remember us for teaching you what we learnt and for asking you to teach what you learnt.

Remember us, for being the 1st batch to complete the BTech family of IITGN. We learnt team spirit and passion towards developing IITGN from our seniors. We respect them and have continued their traditions, but also made sure that we add our own flavor. You face poor placements? Have poor facilities? We had worse and our seniors had even worse. No, don’t sympathize with us, but remember us for taking it on the chin, for making the best of what we had and for setting up the base for you to get a better life here.

Remember us, not only for organizing events, reviving and setting up clubs, for playing and for studying, but for our philosophy of not wasting even a single day, because in our growing institute, something needs to be done every single day. Things are and will go wrong sometimes, but remember us for striving to correct them. Remember us for being a part of a growing institute, but more importantly, remember us for teaching you that the institute needs to grow always. To become the best, to be able to make a difference, IITGN will have to be a growing institute even 50 years down the line! For that, don’t hold back, but go out and give back. Don’t just sit and complain, but remember the pioneers, remember us and take a vow to help the institute grow every single day.

Remember us, for the dreams we have seen for our college, for the efforts we have put in to achieve that. Finally, remember us, not for what we did successfully or for what we achieved, but for what we stood for.


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