Life at IITGN


Can’t quite imagine it? Here are some examples of what a typical day can be like as an IITGN student. Of course the details are different for different subjects, and will vary depending on what you like to do in your spare time.


Having started pursuing Masters in Mechanical Engg at IIT-Gn, I can now very well appreciate the intensity of work load that comes along with the degree. A regular day here, starts at 7:45 am in the morning with lectures that are scheduled at a gap of 1-2 hrs (wherein you can do nothing productive), followed by an uninteresting lunch, then lecture (if any), tea in the name of snacks, study or code or run simulations then finally go to sleep, frustrated, to have not achieved a correct output to your simulations, at 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning.
As the campus is under construction, the amount of dust generated can really make your complexion dusky. Speaking of the mess facility, all I can say is, we are still experimenting. The campus is so far from the city , that sometimes you get a feeling of being away from civilisation.
However on the brighter side of things, the Institute offers facilities for indulging in sports like: Swimming, Basket Ball, Cricket, Football, Table Tennis as well as Indoor games like Carom and Chess. There is an active Music Club and Dance Club that encourages student participation and performs during festivals and cultural events. The Technical Committee provides a grand platform for Start-ups and student or faculty initiated projects .Besides it also organises technical quizzes and workshops from time to time. The DJ nights here, not only provide a Dance floor but also lets you see the many acrobats that your friends do, in the name of dancing.
Basically, it’s not only good or only bad, but the entire experience is worth it and needless to say it’s an IIT.
Clubs and societies Whatever your level of expertise, you can become involved in any club or society that interests you. ‘Foundation Program’ at the start of your first term can help you find out what is available – and if a society or team does not exist, it’s easy to set one up.
The Cultural Club has the important responsibility of keeping their fellow students entertained. It and caters to all kinds of music. Apart from providing a forum for the accomplished singers and musicians of the campus to showcase their talents, it also provides teaching lessons for those interested in learning to play instruments and come up with original compositions.
The club invites professionals to conduct workshops for music appreciation and understanding.
    I.R. & P COUNCIL.
The Industrial relation & Project council gives a perfect opportunity to students work directly with industrial sponsored and non-sponsored projects, non-academics projects of one’s interest.It provides student the necessary platform for realising their  ideas. A great workspace , a comprehensive inventory , ample guidance from faculty & senior-students and the zeal and passion of the IR&P team make IR&P council a gifted asset for the students of IITGN,
Till date  this club successfully conduct “TECH LEAPS” and coordinated all UL & RICHO ongoing projects.

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