Sanguine Dream

sanguine 1

They had a dream before,

A crimson one…

They fantasised gore

And a scarlet dawn.

They pined for headless corpus

And floors painted red

Not with wine or love potions

But with the human bloodshed

Those insects wormed in eluding our sight

And strived to make us shudder.

Those scavengers barged in that rouge night

And tried to savage our mother.

Yes this nation was quaking that rouge night

But it was not fear that we felt

Every soul on this land was raring to fight

As we were hit below the belt.

A few lion hearts had another phantasm

And it was also crimson

That they were locking eyes with peril

For a tryst with their eternal appetition.

They did not think twice to lay their lives

They did not dither or swelter

They sacrificed their own blood

To bedeck our mother’s altar.

They endured an upraised pain threshold

They transcended human might

They flushed out those sanguine into the cold

And pushed them into a slumber for an eternal night.

A sanguine dream, had those murderous villains

To terrorize infants inside wombs.

A nefarious dream that raised them to fame

But even their kin did not visit their tombs.

An impeccable dream, had those innocent kids

To go around the comely scenes

A sanguine dream it became that closed their eyelids

When the grotesque picture was painted by the means.

A sanguine dream, had those valorous soldiers

To bulwark the nation against all agress

A seraphic dream that tested those valiants

Whom even the history will salute.

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