About Us

Technical Council IITGN is the student body that promotes and takes initiatives for the technical activities that happen at IIT Gandhinagar.

Our Mission

Technical Council strives hard to provide the students a platform to learn and critically understand the technologies that aids innovation and development, along with providing the resources that facilitates it.

Our Plan

Consisting of four clubs of various domains, Tinkerers’ Lab and hobby groups that have been working on various genre of projects and activities, Technical Council strives to inculcate the culture of exploring and learning different fields.

Our Vision

We wish to create an environment that creates the future leaders in technology that make an impact on the world around us and also developing the culture that can facilitate doing so.



Coding Club


Digital Sports

Mean Mechanics

Robotics Club


Astronomy Club

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Members of Technical Council

Technical Secretary

Technical Coordinator

Technical Coordinator

Metis Secretary

Digis Secretary

Mean Mechanics Secretary

Odyssey Secretary

Tinkerers' Lab Coordinator

Torque Chief Editor

App and Web Manager

Nidhin Harilal

Website Developer

Kishen N Gowda

Website Developer

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323, Acad Block 4
Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar