AB, My Hero!


Abraham Benjamin de Villiers popularly known as AB de Villiers is a South African Legend, an Indian Heart-Throb, Mr Consistent, and what not. Right from childhood, he was brilliant in academics, particularly well in Science. And, in-fact, received the prestigious national medal from The Great Nelson Mandela for a Science Project. Awesome, isn’t it? His father wanted him to become an Engineer. He even cracked SIT-JEE (South African Institute of Technology- Joint Entrance Exam) exam with a good rank and became a good Engineer. Later married a Rich girl, received BMW in dowry, raised a few kids. And, then lived happily after. Wow! What a life this man must have lived.

If you believe this is the story of My Hero, then you’re wrong. Wrong, because I’ve made it up. Sorry, dears!  He did get a medal, but later had some other plans. Out of box plans, one may call them. He chose to become a sportsperson.  He played Hockey, made it to U-16 School Team, and was even Shortlisted for South Africa’s Junior National Hockey Team. But no one knows him for Hockey. Surprised you might be, why not?  After Hockey, he gave Rugby a try, and even got selected for Blue Bulls U-18 side. But same old tale, AB is not a Golfer like Tiger Woods. But, who is AB then?

AB, Mr 360 or Mr Consistent, is a Modern-Day Cricket legend from South Africa. He is unarguably the most gifted and talented cricketer of this age, being loved and respected by Cricket fans all over the globe. This batting wizard holds many records to his name, fastest 100 and 150 in ODI’s, fastest to 7000 and 8000 ODI runs is just a sneak peek into the long list of records he holds. Records keep tumbling, crowds are set on fire chanting AB, AB every time he comes to crease to bat. The fact that he can dispatch a good looking ball into the stands, makes him a nightmare for the bowlers. He bats treating every bowler and every part of ground equally, always making sure every bowler is thrashed and sixes dispatched to ever corner of stadium. The ‘Super-Man’ can change the course of games within a fraction of balls, and has in-fact played many match winning knocks for his Country.

Apart from his Super-Manly batting abilities, AB is an extra-ordinary fielder, good wicket-keeper and a great human being. So immensely talented, and yet so humble and down to earth, sets him apart from the rest and is the reason millions of fans adore him.

Finally, let us hope and pray he keeps on entertaining us in future. Good Luck AB! You’re truly a Hero.

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