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The real world affects us big time, even if its football. LFP auctions were held for 2013 – 14 season on Friday with five teams in for the competition. Blitz FC, Club Galantos, Torrero FC, 8 Hooligans and Rebels United were in for the bidding, ready to prepare their teams with a bankroll of 500 points each. Five experienced campaigners took reign of the teams. What unfolded before the audience was one of the weirdest auctions ever witnessed by the IITGn junta.

It seems that everyone in the world unanimously agrees that Real Madrid have paid too much to acquire Gareth Bale, well some of our captains think otherwise. Two players – Aditya Ganesh and Hydar Ali were sold for 200 points each..! This meant that these captains had to buy the remaining 8 players with only 60 % percent of their budget remaining. It is difficult to imagine how a team with one star studded player can overrun a balanced team, after all football is a team game, isn’t it? Borussia Dortmund’s manager Klopp recently spoke: “It doesn’t matter how much a player costs. The question is if you really want him and finally if you can pay.” Seems like our captains took some free advice.

One other interesting transfer this season was of Cristian Eriksen. ManU badly needed a creative midfielder, Eriksen is one of the best in the world and yet ManU let him slip to Spurs for a very nominal amount. We witnessed a similar case on Friday, when teams allowed 8 Hooligans to buy the experienced Eepsit Tiwari for a meagre 7 points and later found themselves struggling to find a quality forward even for 50 points. Well, being a manager sounds tougher than being a manager in FIFA or judging Moyes or Wenger..!

What also surprised us on Saturday, was the retirement of some of best players of IITGn from LFP. This includes three former LFP captains. Their magic and charisma will be missed. On the other hand, several new players have come to the front with indisputable talent. What remains to be seen is how they fare against the guile and experience of their counterparts.

As we closed the auction, all players were sold, some heavily undervalued and some overvalued. In the end, no team can boast of being the best of the lot with some having weak defenses, while others have weak attacks. This year, without doubt there will tough competition amongst the teams to win the coveted LFP title. Matches begin soon, cheer your team and feel the adrenaline rush that only sports can provide. Stay tuned for more..!

“How can you not be romantic about football?”

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